2024 Senior Netball

Welcome to the Senior Winter Netball Season!

Registrations are now OPEN!


Season Schedule

We are very fortunate to be able to cater to all Levels of netball this season.

Mondays see playing nights for Premier and Mixed Leagues

Wednesdays sees playing nights for A Grade and A Reserve Grade

Wednesdays will also see some Thames Valley Secondary School games being played at Hauraki

Season Plan


Premier Grade

- First Round
- Tournmament Night/s (TBC)
- Championship Round

Mixed Leages

- First Round
- Promotion/Relegation (TBC)
- Tournmament Night/s (TBC)
- Championship Round

A Grade and A Reserve

- First Round
- Promotion/Relegation/Tournmament Night/s (TBC)
- Championship Round

Courts/Round Times

Court conditions have made for some creative thinking.
We have scheduled games to not be played on court 3 and 5.

In perfect conditions:
6.15pm   Court 1   Court 2     Court 4    Court 6
7.30pm   Court 1   Court 2     Court 4    Court 6

If only three courts are playable on the night then:
6.15pm   Court 1   Court 2     Court 4    
7.30pm   Court 1   Court 2     Court 4    
8.45pm   Court 1   Court 2     where the games previously on court 6 will move to 8.45

In fairness to all teams, teams will rotate through the courts each week.

Weekly Duty

Each week will see a different team be on duty.

The team on duty can be found on the Draw Tab under Roster.  There will also be a list at the office desk.

Set up Team

  • Place bench seats around the courts

Pack up Team

  • Please return the bench seats to the back shed
  • Remove all rubbish from the courts and surrounds
  • Gather any clothing etc and place in the office

For safety, please do not leave the carpark until the courts and clubrooms have been locked, we do not want the office person left alone to lock up.

Further Questions

If at any time of the season you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through email, Heja App (umpires) or phone.